It’s A Happy Hipster Gotcha Day!

Not long ago it was the Hipsters’ fifth birthday; and now, it’s the Hipsters’ fifth Gotcha Day! From being best friends with Dennis to being those two weird little dogs who Lulu can’t figure out how to play with, let’s all put our paws together for five years of Charlee and Chaplin!

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It’s A Happy Gotcha Day And A Half!

This weekend it’s a double Gotcha Day post, one for Lulu (whose Gotcha Day was April 9th, 2019) and one for the Hipsters (whose Gotcha Day was April 17th, 2017). So let’s all put our paws together for the Oceanside Animals!

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It’s A Happy Hipsterversary!

From two tiny fuzzballs who loved to climb on things:


Who are now two somewhat larger fuzzballs who love to climb on things:


Please join us in wishing a happy second Gotcha Day to two of the cutest, hippest kitties ever!


Thank you to Pipo, Dalton, and Petcretary Ingrid for this Hipsterversary card!