The Dogshank Redemption

Mouse: “According to these documents on the North Pole computer network, Lulu and Bean and somebody named ‘Art Deco’ are being held in Santa’s high-security prison, the Santopticon.”
Chaplin: “That’s a shame. I guess we won’t be seeing any of them again.”
Charlee: “Mama won’t mind if I store my fish heads in her slippers …”

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Cutting the Gordian Knot

Chaplin: “What are you doing down here, Charlee? Is that my automatic feeder?”
Swordfish: “I’ll tell you what we’re not doing! We’re not trying to hack this feeding device, no sir!”

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The Hacker’s Toolkit

Charlee: “So, listen, this has been a scintillating discussion, but when are you going to start with the hacking?”
Swordfish: “Right now! Let me just get out my hardware hacking tool kit and I’ll this opening for you in no time.”

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The Science of Care and Feeding

Charlee: “Say, Mouse, you’re good at the science, right?”
Mouse: “Am I good at ‘the’ science? Well, that depends. Is there some science in particular that you’re interested in?”

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Charlee: “Are you still working on that worm to hijack all the local computers to find Chaplin’s microchip?”
Mouse: “It’s finally finished. I just activated its tracing function so within a few minutes it should give us his location.”

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Clown Hall Debate


Russian Hacker: “Lord Putin, per your instructions, we have modified the instant poll software for the American Presidential debate.”
Vladimir Putin: “Excellent. Now leave me alone with my Precious for a bit. I just fished it out of the lava pool into which some fool dropped it.”

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Days Of Whine And Cheeses


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The Mouse Tricks Reloaded

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