Hamburger Helper

Big Mouth: “Hamburgers!”
Mouse: “What I don’t quite get is your angle in doing all this for the Hipsters.”
Producer Smurf: “Angle? What angle? You think I can’t just smurf something nice for my friends?”
Mr. Nibbles: “You look a little glum, Chaplin.”
Chaplin: “I’m just disappointed we came all the way to Oregon but we never saw the painted ladies.” Continue reading “Hamburger Helper”

The Painted Lady

Producer Smurf: “Smurf it out! We have arrived in Oregon! And there’s the Painted Lady!”
Chaplin: “Yay! Butterflies!”
Charlee: “What do you mean, ‘the’ painted lady?”

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its the sunday awards and meem show on hiatus edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wood like to thank evrywun for stikking arownd wile we hav ben on hiatus in an undisklozed lokayshun!!! but i hav deesided to reetern for the sunday awards and meem show brawdkasting live frum owr vaykayshun pair of dice chek it owt!!!

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