No Respect For Gravity

Alternate Spicoli: “Right, fully accessorized and ready to go! Pip pip!”
Lulu: “So … Dogs can eat in a fancy restaurant here as long as they’re wearing shockingly yellow hats?”
Alternate Spicoli: “You’re quick, guv! Hats really confuse the humans. Come on, I’ve got enough for everyone!”
Chaplin: “Boy, Alternate Dennis must’ve had a field day here with his fedora, then.”

Later …

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Well Hello Mr. Fancypants

Alternate Charlee: “Why are you extra dogs and extra Chaplin still here? Shouldn’t you get back in your Hog House of Just Us and leave now that you know there’s no bacon here?”
Chaplin: “Do we know there’s no bacon, though? Nobody ever said for sure.”
Lulu: “It’s the ‘Doghouse of Justice’ not the ‘Hog House of Just Us’.”
Java Bean: “I kind of like Alternate Charlee’s name for it. ¡La casa de cerdos de solo nosotros!”
Lulu: “Okay, that does sound like a pretty fancy restaurant, but it’s way too long to say it all the time.”
Alternate Chaplin: “Mama always says I am a handsome kitty but now that I’ve seen myself I think ‘handsome’ is an understatement.”
Alternate Java Bean: “Come on, Lulu, let’s see if Alternate Lulu and Alternate Bean want to chase us around the yard.”
Alternate Lulu: “Are they the alternates or are we the alternates?”

Alternate Spicoli: “Cheerio! Did someone say ‘fancy restaurant’? Are we all going out to dinner to celebrate meeting alternate selves? I know just the place!”
Alternate Charlee: “I’m not celebrating anything. Two Chaplins just means twice as many cats trying to annoy me into getting off my spot on top of the fireplace.”
Alternate Chaplin: “You do that too, huh?”
Chaplin: “Some things are constant across dimensions.”

Lulu: “I mean, dinner sounds good, but they don’t allow dogs in fancy restaurants.”
Alternate Spicoli: “Crikey! Is that the rule in your dimension? No wonder you left! It’s permitted here, you just need the proper accessories! Hang about and I’ll fetch you some!”

Java Bean: “I can’t figure out if your version of Spicoli is British or Australian or what.”
Alternate Charlee: “Neither can we.”

I Think We All Learned Something Today

Lulu: “Well I think I understand the main difference between trolls and cats now.”
Spicoli: “And what is it, dude?”
Lulu: “People keep cats as pets.”
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Point/Counter Point


Dennis: “Hello there! My name is Dennis the human person and I am here with my guinea pig/St. Bernard mix, which is my human person pet.”
Mouse: “Mr. Nibbles, why are you going along with this when you know it’s going to be a fiasco?”
Mr. Nibbles: “It’s part of a project to help Mr. Dennis get over his fear of strange dogs.”

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hats away!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i am stil not so shoor wot i think of having a pet sitter but i hav akwired a noo hat witch sort of mayks up for it chek it owt!!!

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thats not a hat!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel that vaykayshun trip wot trouble the kitty bookd for me shoor was a bust!!! i am going to go ask her for my munny bak i think!!!

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me vs the mowntins part wun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wow that shoor wuz kwite a rode trip in the weenermobeel huh??? but alls wel that ends with nomes gitting blown off a bridj ha ha!!! but just to proov that not all my rode trips ar that crazy heer is another wun wot i tuk with mama and dada a fyoo munths ago wen we went to the mithical sitty of julian chek it owt!!!

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After unexpectedly earning the admiration of Ty Webb, I have had the good fortune to see my regular golf match turned into a Frisbee golf match, wherein the disadvantage presented by my lack of thumbs will be neutralized and my mad jumping and mouth-catching skills will come to the fore. I now have every confidence that I will be back in my office before the end of the day, curled up on my egg crate bed with my favorite stuffie while undergrads queue up outside to be regaled by tales of my adventures. Let the game begin!

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theem thursday hats and clip show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo hav probly noted i do not yoozhually partayk of theem thursday however my noo frend shakira of justmeshakira let me no that this weeks theem wuz hats and wel hats!!! yoo no me and hats!!! so i wood like to preezent a retrospektiv of me and my hats thru the last kuple of yeerz!!! most of theez ar frum my satterday matinay eevents so i hav inklooded konveenyent links to them for those hoo may hav missd them!!!

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