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Overheard Around The Cave

Gollum: “We has to gets ready for this poetry slam. Gollum! We will be back soon and then we can starts. Gollum!” Spicoli: “Knock yourself out, dude.”

Faster Pussycat To The Library!

Dennis: “Hello! I was told that I might find poetic license here at the library.” Spicoli: “Dude! They’re giving out cookies to the kids in the children’s section!” Charlee: “Look, Chaplin. Fish.” Chaplin: “I see them, Charlee.”

It’s A Blast

Dennis: “I don’t see why my box of meat has to be in the blast chamber. It’s just meat.” Ambassador: “Bob said so and Bob is the expert.” Vermin: “HISSS! Stupid big dog! Why are you complaining? If the crate has a bomb in…

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