Lulu’s Language Tips: Make Your Bed Then Lie In It

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! Hey, you may have heard some variation of the idiom “make your bed and lie in it”, but you may not know where it comes from. Well, guess what? It was invented by us dogs. Have a look!

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Lulu’s Life Tips: What You’re Looking For Isn’t Always In The Obvious Spot

Hello friendlies! Lulu here, with a new life tip! This time it’s about how to find that special thing you’re looking for. You know, something you really want when you know it’s around here somewhere but you aren’t sure where it is. You know? That thing?

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The Hole World

Mole Man: “Those tunnels were abandoned. I just moved in and expanded them a little.”
Gopher Guy: “They were not! I had just temporarily suspended operation due to excessive digging interference from above.”
Lulu: “What’s going on up there? Who are you talking to?”
Charlee: “A Mole Man and a Gopher Guy. But we’re not really talking to them, they’re sort of arguing amongst themselves.”
Mouse: “I still say there’s no such thing as Mole Men and Gopher Guys.”
Chaplin: “That’s a pretty bold position to take considering they’re standing right there.”

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Lulu’s Life Tips (With Bonus Lyrics): There’s A Whole World Beneath Your Feet

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with a new life tip, plus some bonus lyrics! This week’s life tip has to do with something I’m sure everyone has seen: Yards. Lots of you have them. Lots of you have walked across them. But have you ever thought about what’s underneath them?

What’s all this then?
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Casual Conversations

Lulu: “… so then after I dug a hole in the yard and scuffed it up so it was full of loose soil, I—”
Charlee: “You pooped in it and then covered it up with the loose soil, right?”

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Greetings, quivering civilians!  We still have visitors, and certain subterranean rodents seem to think that I, Saya the Mighty, may be distracted during this period, thus allowing their sappers and tunneling saboteurs free reign in my yard.  How wrong are they?  Very.  THERE IS NO BURROW THAT SAYA THE MIGHTY CANNOT FURROW!

Saya the Mighty out!

skooba ekspedishun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel that hole wot tucker went down seems to hav filld up behind him with sum sort of goopy blak stuf so i deesided i needed sum speshul eekwipment in order to go down and git tucker bak but then trouble kaym along and had to put in her too sents wurth:

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