its the boston terrier flyball demo show thing part wun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay a kuple of weeks ago my flyball teem did a demo for the boston terrier club!!! and wow it wuz like an army of joe stainses and tannerses and mackses and jakeses with a smattering of ikeses!!! it wuz sutch a hyoodj eevent it duz not fit into wun day chek it owt!!!

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a day in the kountry

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog this weekend i had kwite an advenchoor visiting dadas cuzzins in the mithical sitty of moreno valley this is not far from the mithical sitty of norco ware tucker goes to get poked with needels so as yoo can imajin it wuz verry hot and sunny

dadas cuzzins hav lots of reely big funny luking dogs they are verry tall and they hav long fayses and hoofs and long furry tales i dont no wot kind of dog they are but evrywun kept calling them horses so i gess they must be horse dogs

wile i was their i think i saw them filming wun of thoze myoozic videos on tv ware they hav singers getting sprayd with water wile they are performing tayk a luk this is cleerly futage of wun of those peepel from amerrican idle:

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Heat Wave

Here on the southern California coast, the current heat wave is a bit of a bust (so far).  It’s quite warm, but not unbearable.  (Go north or inland, though, and watch out.)  The last heat wave, though, in April, was a doozy, and the beaches were closed from Solana Beach to Carlsbad because of a fatal shark attack, so there was much misery in San Diego County …

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