Silly Details

Mouse: “So you’re trying to tell me that this is your Dada’s car?”
Lulu: “Uh-huh.”
Blue: “So you crows, you fly around this area a lot, yeah?”
Crow: “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

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Midnight(ish) Run

Mogwai Stuffie: “I’ll be right back. They’re serving dinner inside now.”
Producer Smurf: “Can you smurf me back a plate of berries and bark and stuff?”
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A Batty Broclamation

Mouse: “Thanks for helping me look for my friend. So you two really like White Castle, huh?”
Kumar: “Well, when the burgers are the size of a dime, you have to buy a lot of them.”
Harold: “Hey, Kumar, there’s our buddy. Pull over and see if he needs a ride.”

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Burger King

Mouse: “Say, Vermin, did you by any chance convince Dennis he was the King of California?”
Vermin: “HISS! Nasty mouse! Stop calling me Vermin. And also, yes.”

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A Clash Of Queens


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a skolarly treetis on wot yoo shud eet vs wot yoo shud roll in!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to preempt the eksiting konkloozhun of bugs bunnys rayse aginst the tortiss but last nite tucker bekaym verry sik and had to go to the emerdjensee vet ware he reeseevd sub … subkyoo … wel ennyway they stuk a needel in him just like wot trouble the kitty yoozed to git and then they sent him home with antibiotiks!!! evrywun wuz verry wurreed abowt him!!! but then mama remembered that she had kawt him eeting sum misteeryus thing wot he fownd owt in the bakyard and she did not git to him in time to mayk him stop so now evrywun thinks he is having a bad reakshun to wot the emerdjensee vet calld a dietary indiskreshun!!! so theirfore as a publik serviss i am presenting a skolarly treetis on things wot shud be eeten and things wot shud be rolld in chek it owt!!!

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evrything must go!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i hav come up with the perfekt way to proov i own my blog chek it owt!!!

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The Goon Squad

Having been unable to shake the amphibious creature that has latched onto our group, and having failed to convince it to eat that kid Data who wanted to put me in a cage, we have resolved to simply ignore it and continue trying to find our way to the pirate treasure. Unfortunately, after being plunged into the underground pool, we have become disoriented in the tunnels; but finally we find a shaft leading to the surface, which allows us to get our bearings. And also, perhaps, to get lunch.

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