Nobody Expects The Wal-Mart Inquisition

After being betrayed to the Mark-Downers by Logan, I have found myself carted off to a desolate warehouse that apparently dates from the 20th century, a relic now here in the 23rd. This moldering, vacant space seems like the perfect spot for the harshest interrogation imaginable. I can only wonder what ruthless torments the Mark-Downers have in store for me …


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intervyoo with the gofer part too

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wow its hard to find a ham sandwich heer in the mithical land of sweedin it seems like all they have is theez meetballs in weerd sawse and porridj and sinse the gofer insisted that tucker had to hav a ham sandwich befor it wood tawk i had to hav the staff at my pig powders bizness send us a ham sandwich by fedex it shood be heer soon so the gofer has agreed to anser owr kweschuns now as yoozhual tucker will translayt the gofers ansers and trixie will intimidayt him ok heer goze
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intervyoo with the gofer part wun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well as i menshund erlier tuffy sissy and jonesy cawt a gofer before we had to abandon the gofer broke undergrownd we are now reddy to begin the int … interr … begin asking this gofer sum kweschuns to find owt what he and his littel frends ar up i will ask the kweschuns and tucker the protocol dog will translate and trixie will stand by luking intimidayting ok heer goze

Dennis: okay gofer what were yoo doing in those tunnels
Gopher: kØaàT´@¬µŠ<?4AwÝ7Gpu
Tucker: “Before we start, I think you should give the protocol dog a pig ear or possibly a ham sandwich.”
Trixie: tucker, is that really what he said?
Tucker: Yes, of course.
Trixie: because i’m not sure i believe the gopher cares whether or not you get a ham sandwich.
Tucker: Excuse me, I’m a professional protocol dog. I’ve been wearing this C3PO outfit for a week.
Gopher: Nñ¡f[pšZ—·‰œWꁅ/ÊI1Ûp]õ›ò
Tucker: He says he won’t talk until I … that is, the protocol dog gets a sandwich.
Dennis: ok fine sumbuddy get tucker a ham sandwich and well start ovur aftur he eets jeeperz gofer yoo ar a tuff negoshiator
Trixie: (shakes head in disbelief) why do i even bother?