It’s A Hipsterview!

Charlee: “Hello everyone! It’s me, Charlee!”

I’m Batman. I mean Batgirl. I mean Batcat.

Chaplin: “And me, Chaplin!”

Oh, did you want to sit here?

Charlee: “We just stopped by to let everyone know that an interview we did with the Funny Farmers has dropped over on Mousebreath!”

Chaplin: “It dropped? Where did it drop from? Can I climb up there? Where did it drop to? Is it on the floor? Can I eat it?”

Charlee: “That’s just a figure of speech, Chaplin.”

Chaplin: “Oh, okay. But still. Can I eat it?”

Dennis: “Hey did they use the picture of me from when I was a cat?”

One of these things is not like the others

Charlee: “You were never a cat, Dennis.”

Chaplin: “You were just wearing a cat mask.”

Dennis: “Was too a cat. Meow.”

Charlee: “Just stop.”

Thank you Jan’s Funny Farm and the Funny Farmers for interviewing the Hipsters!

Do You Have A License For Your Poetic?

Dennis: “What are you two doing up here on the window sill?”
Chaplin: “Sunbathing.”
Charlee: “And getting caught up on some reading.”

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Damage Control


Newspaper Clipping: “Furry Party Campaign In Disarray As Infighting Continues

The longshot fifth-party cam- paign of Dennis the Vizsla’s Furry Party was thrown into turmoil this week as Dennis’s long-time campaign manager Producer Smurf clashed with new adviser Vizzini the Sicilian and Vizzini’s cat. Meanwhile, Furry vice-presidential candidate Vermin, going off-message, claims that she and the candidate are being stalked by evil clowns.”

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