naybor dog???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo mite wunder why i am wispering agin wel it is becuz trixie sez mama and dadas gud frends nown as the naybors hav gottin a noo dog frum a reskew organizayshun trixie is not verry happy abowt this becuz she sez that the naybors yard is her other yard and the naybors ar her emerjensy backup peepul and so she duznt reely want their to be a dog living their and so i am wispering so that trixie duznt no i am telling yoo all abowt this other dog ennyway trixie droo me a pikcher of this other dog so i wil recognize her and be able to bark at her and run the fense if i see her heer is the pikcher:

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Intruder Alert?

So last night, we had a police helicopter circling our neighborhood with its spotlight out, looking for some (alleged) perpetrator.  This has happened before*, so we know the routine:  Lock all the windows and doors, turn on all the outside lights, and wait.  Well, this time, as the helicopter was circling, Dennis suddenly started going nuts over in the nook by the side of the house, barking his pointy little head off.

There’s a big window in that nook.  What could it be?  Did Dennis see someone outside?  Let’s go and find out what has him so riled up …

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