is mrs sister mary williams a nun or wot???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel becuz the doghowse of justiss has ben destroyd by a dinosawr i find myself in need of funds to rebild it or perhaps to go bak into the joorasik and retreev it before the dinosawr steps on it and also of korse now that i hav the gofer broke bak i hav to put together a new ekspedishun to find the undergrownd kingdum of the gofers unfortchoonatly in this tuff ekonomy it is hard to find ventcher kapitol and so i am wunse agin turning to those finanseers hoo hav so offen ayded ontroponoors such as myself yes of korse i am tawking abowt randum peepul frum afrika and the middel eest wot kontakt me owt of the bloo and want to giv me munny lets see what offers i hav wayting for me rite now!!!

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