jobs i cud maybe hav!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may rekall i hav in the past tried varyus kareers inklooding beeing tuckers food tayster and selling majik flying koasters and trying to help hinja hedjhogs reeform and beeing a grooming inspektor but i hav stil not kwite fownd the rite kareer for me and for a wile i thawt maybe vizsla dogs cud not hav reel jobs however reesently i hav seen varyus nooz artikuls abowt vizsla dogs akting as bom sniffing dogs and as sertch and reskyew dogs chek it owt!!!

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Career Stopportunities

Last week, I promised to help Spiny Norman find a job and fit back into society.  Unfortunately, after a criminal life spent on the streets, Spiny Norman has few marketable skills, and is unable to relate to people in a normal manner.  It is a difficult task I have set before myself, but I am sure Spiny Norman can succeed.  All he needs is the right opportunity.

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dadas offis is booooooooring

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog

as yoo no i am now being kepd in a krate when mama and dada arnt home evn tho ive askd nice reederz for help and tried to sell the krate and my brudder but nobody bawt either wun ennyway most days mama comes home at lunch time and lets me owt of the krate to play fetch and do sum stuf owt in the yard well today mama had to go to sandy eggo and dada had too much work to do to come home and let me owt so he took me with him to his job and let me tel yoo the krate is mor intresting than dadas offis at leest in the krate i can watch tucker and trixie at dadas offis ther arnt even enny other peeple let alone other dogs theres not evn ennything good in there garbage pails just papers and more papers

dada brot my kong and my nylabone and my new ajility dog bed with him and he thru the kong for me wunce in a wile and he got on the floor and playd with me a kuple times and he tuk me owtside to go potty but i nevr did i was watching the truks and lisning to the stranj sownds dada wurks in a very noizy area i thawt compooter peeple wer kept lokt in basements but not him i gess

ennyway mama came bak from sandy eggo in the afternoon and pikt me up i was so glad to see her i jumpt up and down and made a spectakl of myself out on the sidewawk but whats the yoos of beeing a vizsla dog if you cant make a fuss ovr mama

on the way home mama tuk me to the tmobile stor wich i gess is ware they sell glowy things peepel put in there eers but the peepel werking there wer rood so she left next time ill pee on them then we went home

wel that wuz my day boy having to go to werk is hard i shoor am glad im a vizsla dog and not a person with a job i just get by on beeing so kewt maybe dada shood try that sum time but we dont want to starv ha ha ok bye