a skolarly treetis on skwirrel arsonists

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wood like to thank evrywun hoo wuz consernd abowt me and the doghowse of justss dooring the fire last week the fire is now fully contaynd so i think we hav nuthing to wurry abowt frum it at this poynt altho it wuz pretty scarry for a wile their the local fire cheef sed this fire wuz the gratest thret to the sitty in the last twenty yeerz so way to go mareenz and firefiters and pilots!!!

in reeserching the kawzes of wildfires i resently kaym across this skolarly treetis:

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i gess i showd that fire

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel dada has ben going owt all evening with his binokulars luking at the fire and for a wile he sed he cud see the fire lines and the fire enjines and the firepeepul fiting it but now the ridgeline is dark and he duznt see enny fire ennymore and the air is still pretty smoky but their is no glow to be seen so it luks like the firepeepul and the mareenz and the big playns hav wunse agin triumfd over the forces of stuff wot burns so a big thank yoo to them all oh and also i think it helpd that i markd up the bakyard with my claws ha ha ok bye

its baaaaack

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel that fire at camp pendelton wasnt so much owt as it wuz just resting and this time we ar having a santa ana event and the wind is not so much blowing away from the howse as it is blowing just slitely north of it dada cud see the smoke from his offis and wuz wurreed abowt us dogs and even trouble the kitty so he came home erly and wile he has ben heer the smoke has been gitting thicker and thicker the fire is burning a mile or too behind the mishun ware mama wurks but she is sayf rite now and wil be home soon

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