Hairy Potter


Chaplin: “So what is a rutabaga, exactly? And why did you ask to be turned into one?”
Rutabaga: “A rutabaga is a root vegetable similar to a turnip. And I didn’t smurf to be smurfed into one!”
Spicoli: “Okay what about Cheetos? Do you know what Cheetos are?”
Troll Wizard: “They’re large predatory cats that run really fast. Would you like a lifetime supply of them?”
Spicoli: “Those are cheetAHs and that’s a hard pass, dude.”
Lulu: “So you’ve been hanging around nearby ever since we landed, I’m guessing?”
Troll Wizard: “Yes, that is correct.”

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post krismas rap up!!! or unrap up as the kayse may be!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after we wer so kroolly not to menshun unfarely put on the nawty list meerly for the krime of assawlting santas manshun in a tank mama and dada and there frends tuk pitty on us and gayv us presents ennyway ha ha in yore fayse agin santa!!!! chek it owt!!!

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