sandy klawz ekspozd: jollee old elf or partee animal???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay before i git started with toodays stunning ekspozay of sandy klawz i wanted to menshun that my gud frend cookie the beagle hoo wuz haff of the doo-o of cookie and cinnamon has gawn to the rainbo bridj at the too yung aydj of ate and a haff if yoo wood like to say gudbye to cookie yoo can do so heer!!!

ok now on to my shokking investigayshun!!!  yoo may hav herd of the faymus toy delivrer wot goze by the naym of sandy klawz and is nown for kliming down chimnees wile kerrying prezzents however is this the reel story or is it all just publik relayshuns??? reesently i hav had sum first hand ekspeeryense of sandy klawz and wot i hav fownd may shok yoo chek it owt!!!

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