Tucker Tuesday: The Adventure of the Flyball Demo

Hello good readers. This is Tucker the Much Better Vizsla Than Dennis. Longtime acquaintances of Dennis may remember his claims of flyball super-stardom. But do Dennis’s claims add up? On Sunday, I was invited to a demo put on by Dennis’s flyball team, while Dennis stayed home, supposedly due to his nervous condition involving large munitions exploding at the nearby Marine base (or, as I call it, “Something That Happens Every Day And What’s The Big Deal?”). This presented me with the perfect opportunity to investigate his so-called athleticism. Come, Trixie! The game’s afoot!

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Travels With Scroogie

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i takes a likking and keeps on tikking!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay the other day tucker mayd wun of his peeryodik attempts to annoy me to deth but fortchoonatly for the time spayse time kontinyooum i endoord!!! chek it owt!!!

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Battle for the Planet of the Stuffies

After the malfunctioning Doghouse of Justice deposited me on this mysterious Planet of the Stuffies, the situation deteriorated rapidly. First I met the contact-lens-seeking, machine-gun happy George; then the Doghouse of Justice was captured by a scouting party of stuffies and taken back to their village.

Now I must get it back.


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