Point/Counter Point


Dennis: “Hello there! My name is Dennis the human person and I am here with my guinea pig/St. Bernard mix, which is my human person pet.”
Mouse: “Mr. Nibbles, why are you going along with this when you know it’s going to be a fiasco?”
Mr. Nibbles: “It’s part of a project to help Mr. Dennis get over his fear of strange dogs.”

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Oh The Humane-Ity

Spicoli: “Dude, I really don’t think this is where you go for poetic license.”
Dennis: “But I asked Chaplin if poetic license was like a dog license and he said he supposed it might be.”
Spicoli: “Okay, but have you considered the possibility that he was just humoring you?”
Dennis: “Now you’re just being silly! They’re hipster poets, not standup comedians.”

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