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Gollumic Pentameter

Smeagol: “I, Smeagol, declare that this poetry slam is on. Your first poem must be in Gollumic pentameter.” Charlee: “Gollumic pentameter?” Chaplin: “I don’t think that’s even a thing.” Smeagol: “It might not be a thing on the surface, but it’s all the rage…

Do You Have A License For Your Poetic?

Dennis: “What are you two doing up here on the window sill?” Chaplin: “Sunbathing.” Charlee: “And getting caught up on some reading.”

Overheard Around The House And Elsewhere

Vermin: “HISSS! I don’t know why they brought in these kittens when there’s already a perfectly good grey and white cat hanging around.” Mouse: “But, ‘Dennis’, I don’t see a grey and white ‘cat’ anywhere. Do you?” Charlee: “A talking field mouse. / A…

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