Casual Conversations

Lulu: “… so then after I dug a hole in the yard and scuffed it up so it was full of loose soil, I—”
Charlee: “You pooped in it and then covered it up with the loose soil, right?”

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a wood be infiltraytor

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no i yoozually post dispatches frum my advenchoors with the arkeolodjy department on satterdays but i dont hav wun reddy this morning on akkownt of mama keeps hanging arownd the offiss asking dada to mayk bacon and eggs for her so i gess yoo wil hav to wayt for nekst week to see how me and tucker and trixie eskaypd frum the trash compaktor oooops i shud hav sed spoyler alert!!!!

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King Kong (You Knew It Was Coming)

After my failure to secure the Giant Kong, I learned that it had been placed on a tramp steamer bound for a mysterious island in the South Pacific. I quickly booked my own passage on another vessel that was following the same path, only to find myself confronting my greatest challenge yet on a desolate jungle island far, far away.

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