a skolarly treetis on wot the hek dennis haz ben up too!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay its munday and that meenz i git to do a post!!! now before we jump rite in to all my kurrent adventchers i thawt it wood be a gud ideea to fil evrywun in on wot i hav ben up to sinse krool krool dada mayd me stop posting evry day so he cud finish his silly buk witch i mite add is stil not dun!!! git the led owt dada!!! ha ha i like to kid dada on akkownt of he is a slacker ok so ennyway heer goze!!!

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The Adventure of the Suspect Photographs

Hello, good readers.  This is Tucker the Vizsla.  Recently some strange and disturbing digital pictures have surfaced here, published by my so-called “brother” Dennis the Other Vizsla, along with scurrilous commentary and wildly unfounded accusations.  Do Dennis’s charges stand up to scrutiny, or are they just more of his usual crazed ramblings?  Let’s investigate.  Come, Trixie — the game’s afoot!

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