me vs the mowntins part doo!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wen we left off yesterday i had just reechd the mithical sitty of julian hi in the mowtins of sandy eggo now supposedly julian is a hamlet but i did not see enny ham their so dont beleev the hype!!! but i did see sum other stuf their chek it owt!!!

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the investigayshun continyooz

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may rekall a wile bak i discoverd evidense that dada consorts with hedjhogs and sinse then i hav ben attempting to confirm or disproov this connekshun so far i hav not fownd anything conkloosiv eether way however i did discuver this on the shelf in the corner of the compyooter rum:

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I Want To Believe

After coming within yards of the underground kingdom of the gophers, my graduate assistant Mutt and I were prevented from entering that fabled realm by the untimely arrival of two FBI agents determined to find out all the details of my adventures that began with my discovery of the Kong of the Gods and ended when I returned to Earth courtesy of the crew of the Heart of Gold.  Despite my pleas to be allowed to finish my work underground before being taken into custody, they insisted that Mutt and I accompany them back to FBI headquarters.  Mutt, being underage, was soon released, while I, despite being a famous scientist and archaeologist, was detained and subjected to a lengthy interrogation.  What would these FBI agents do if they learned the truth?  We will see …

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