Hob Pursuit

Mouse: “Looks like we’re too late.”
Spicoli: “Well, let’s still go inside and see if they know where Dennis went.”

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a skolarly treetis on wot yoo shud eet vs wot yoo shud roll in!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to preempt the eksiting konkloozhun of bugs bunnys rayse aginst the tortiss but last nite tucker bekaym verry sik and had to go to the emerdjensee vet ware he reeseevd sub … subkyoo … wel ennyway they stuk a needel in him just like wot trouble the kitty yoozed to git and then they sent him home with antibiotiks!!! evrywun wuz verry wurreed abowt him!!! but then mama remembered that she had kawt him eeting sum misteeryus thing wot he fownd owt in the bakyard and she did not git to him in time to mayk him stop so now evrywun thinks he is having a bad reakshun to wot the emerdjensee vet calld a dietary indiskreshun!!! so theirfore as a publik serviss i am presenting a skolarly treetis on things wot shud be eeten and things wot shud be rolld in chek it owt!!!

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Angels & Vizslas

Last week, my colleague Sophie solved the puzzle of the Rubik’s Cube in an ingenious fashion; this led us to a secret hatch in the back room of a Parisian McDonald’s.  As we descend into the darkness beneath the fast food restaurant, one can only wonder what we will find below …

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The Paris Underground

Last week, I delivered the Rubik’s Cube puzzle to Professor Teabing’s colleague, Sophie, the French puzzle champion.  Can she solve it where Professor Teabing failed?  I can only hope so, or this trip to Paris will have been in vain.  Rather than sit around Sophie’s office watching her apply her incredible puzzle-solving skills to the task at hand, I have decided to put on my hat and visit the art object at the center of this entire mystery:  The painting of the dogs playing poker.

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road trip day wun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is the first day of owr road trip to bring flat tony bak to the mithical land of ohio on the majik flying coaster and alreddy we ar finding owt that we hav sevral diffrent ideeas as to wot roadside attrakshuns we shud stop and visit:

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