payshense by ivenone and also an updayt!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am heer with an updayt on how i am dooing but first heer is a littel viddyo wot my krool krool dada mayd of me deemanding fuds wich he sez i kannot has yet on akkownt of i need to wayt for my pills to be prossessd chek it owt!!!


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My Wife Went To A Party And All I Got Were These Lousy Instructions

So you know how when you go away for a few days, if you’re lucky enough to have someone come in and take care of your animals while you’re gone, you might leave them some instructions about what and how much to feed them, what pills to give them, etc.?  Well, my wife is attending a birthday party this evening for a coworker, and evidently our dogs get such customized cuisine that I need instructions for feeding them.

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Compound It!

I mentioned a while ago that we had laid in a supply of enulose for Trouble, who has been having difficulty with her, um, regularity the last few months.  This has caused her to get dehydrated a couple of times, resulting in days spent at the vet with a tube in her poor little arm, so we have been trying to treat her prophylactically by giving her a dose now and then before she gets too plugged up.  (We can tell when she is getting constipated because she goes in her litter box, cries for a little while, and exits without leaving a deposit.  When this happens, out comes the eyedropper.  Getting old ain’t pretty, even for a cat.)

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