hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it wuz eksactly wun yeer ago today that my sister pooh bear the kitty went away i hav herd that their is a playse calld the rainbow bridge ware dogs and kitties go to wayt for there peepul if so then i am shoor pooh bear is their wayting for a chance to sit in dadas lap agin wile he rites his crazee storeez

i wil bet that if pooh bear hadnt gone away then my other sister trouble the kitty woodnt hav turnd into a soopervillin but wot can yoo do maybe if lex loother hadnt lost all his hare he woodnt have turnd into a soopervillin eether hay lex loother havnt yoo herd of hare club for men???  sheesh

wel ennyway heer is a littel ret … retrospect … heer ar sum pikchers of pooh bear the kitty frum before she went away ok be

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