(Not Very) Wordless Wednesday: Half A Year Away

Six months ago, our little mess-maker left us.

I redecorated for you. Do you like it?

These pictures were taken just under a week before Dennis went to the Rainbow Bridge. Looking at them now, at his face and his eyes, it seems apparent in a way it wasn’t then that Dennis was worn out from battling osteosarcoma and IBD.

When you’re not feeling well, bed is the best place to be.

The farther out we get from it, the more we’re sure we did the right thing by bringing him in when we did. It’s the hardest balance to strike; we’ve been too late before; we don’t want to be too late again. With Trixie, we almost waited too long. Almost. But with Dennis, difficult as the decision was to make, we feel like we let him go at the right time, and that he had the best last visit, with his favorite veterinarian, out of all our animals.

We put up a good fight, but we can’t win, and I’m ready to join the rest of the pack.

We know you’re running free beyond the Rainbow Bridge now, Dennis, but if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by and see the messes the Hipster Kitties make from time to time.

Mess-Maker Amateur Hour

Obviously no one is as good at making messes as Dennis was, but the kitties do their best.

Sunday Flashback: How Much Was That Doggy In The Window?

Hello nice readers, Dennis’s Dada here again. We here in the mythical city of Oceanside would like to thank all our friends for the outpouring of tail wags and purrs from the POTP during Tucker’s last fight, and for all the touching tributes, thoughts, and memories everyone left about Tucker to help us mark his passing. My father sent me this old picture of Tucker in his prime, sitting on the window seat (which Dennis later destroyed) behind the chaise lounge (which Dennis later destroyed), looking out through the vertical blinds (which Dennis later destroyed) to take stock of his domain (which Dennis later des … wait, no, that’s still there, mostly) like a prince (which Tucker was). We’re sure Tucker is back in this young, strong, healthy body as he steals treats from everyone’s table up at the Rainbow Bridge.

“Is Mama opening the refrigerator?”

Oh, I almost forgot about the question posed in the title of the post. The correct answer would, of course, be “priceless”.