Unsolved Fishteries

Ron Burgundy: “So you’re the one who’s been cooking fish in the microwave!”
Charlee: “Well technically I’m just heating it up. It was cooked when we got it.”
Ron Burgundy: “Don’t try those Fox Mulder semantic games with me! Next you’ll be claiming it was aliens in UFOs!”

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Cooking With Magic

Fox Mulder: “… and so, the recent revelations about UFOs fully vindicate my longstanding belief that—”
Ron Burgundy: “Sure sure, Mr. Mulder, but what is your opinion on cooking fish tacos in the break room microwave?”

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mary krismas!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may remember sandy klawz and i hav had owr diffrenses in the past but i sent him a smooth tawking letter and we hav berreed the hatchit he even sent me a prezzent chek it owt!!!

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