Midnight(ish) Run

Mogwai Stuffie: “I’ll be right back. They’re serving dinner inside now.”
Producer Smurf: “Can you smurf me back a plate of berries and bark and stuff?”
Mogwai Stuffie: “Sure.” Continue reading “Midnight(ish) Run”

The Taste of Victory

Mogwai Stuffie: “What do we want?”
Bunny Stuffie: “I don’t see why all those guys need to be here for the victory dinner. Only one of them was actually in the dance-off.”
Spicoli: “Uh-oh.” Continue reading “The Taste of Victory”

It’s A Marvelous Night for a Cat Dance

Emcee Stuffie: “Mr. Gambini, your clients are on. Let’s see their moves.”
Vinny Gambini: “Okay you two yoots, get out there and wow the audience.”

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