Who Loves Mama? Lu Loves Mama!

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! Hey a few weeks ago it was Mother’s Day, and Dada got me a card to give to Mama. It was a nice card and all, I guess, but it wasn’t really me. So when Mama left it on a low table, I got hold of it and shredded personalized it. But I left the dog picture and my signature in one piece so Mama would remember who it was from.


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its the sunday awards and meem show whirld toor mamas day edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy mamas day to all yoo mamas owt their be yoo mamas to hyoomans or dogs or kitties or rats or goats or wotever!!! if yoo ar stil luking for that perfekt mamas day gift may i sugjest cheez???  also yoo may hav notisd that the awards ar gawn frum my sidebar i hav moovd them all to the awards paydj in hopes it wil help my nice reederzez reeding ekspeeryense by mayking my verry  importent and informativ posts lode faster!!!  pleez let me no if i hav sukseeded!!!

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