Tongue Out Tuesday: Meet The Bean!

It looks like we have a name! Say hello to “Java Bean”, whose name will of course result in any number of nickname options, some of which have already started to be assigned, including but not limited to “Bean”, “Beans”, “The Bean”, and “Little Bean”. (Dada floated “Beanie Baby” but that got shot down pretty quickly.)

The Dog Pet Name Challenge

So if you’ve been online lately in a venue that uses hashtags, you may have seen the #DogNameChallenge hashtag floating around. This is, basically, where you post a picture of your dog and a picture that is or represents your dog’s name. To which I thought, why should the dogs have all the fun?

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What’s In A (Nick) Name?

So the other day while I was talking with the vet about Trouble, I referred to her (the cat, not the vet) as “Trudy”. Momentarily confused, the vet said, “Oh … I thought her name was Trouble?” I told the vet that “Trudy” was one of Trouble’s nicknames, and we went on with our conversation. That got me thinking, though, about just how many nicknames our animals have, and whether or not other people’s pets have nicknames too.

Anyway, just to prevent any future confusion, here are all of the various names by which we might refer to our various pets, along with etymology (if both non-obvious and available) and use-case scenarios.

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