heer be needels

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel heer we ar at the final instalment of my investigayshun into the misteeryus treetment wot trouble has ben gitting warning wot yoo ar abowt to see may mayk yoo go skweeeeeeeee!!!  it involvs sharp poynty objekts and not only that it involvs needels!!!  but oh first dada wants me to say a disklaymer that this is not an instrukshunal viddyo and he duznt hav enny speshul trayning and he is not a vet and blah blah blah oh shoor dada as if ennywun wood mistayk yoo for a vet wen the site of a needel mayks yoo cry like a baby!!! ok heer goze dont say i didnt warn yoo!!!

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pins and needels

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel sevral times i hav ben abandond and left home in the krate wile tucker goze owt and seez a speshul kind of vetnameez persun he is a whole-istic vet hoo performs akyoopunktchoor i am not shoor wot whole-istic or akyoopunktchoor is but tucker always comes bak frum this vetnameez persun feeling gud and with a spring in his step verry strayndj!!!  so to find owt wot goze on at this speshal vetnameez playse i hav attachd a hidden camra to mama lets tayk a luk:

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a skolarly treetis on nasty weeds

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well today wuz suppozd to be the last instalment of my kwest for the lost kong but dada has been a slacker abowt organizing the notes and pikchers from my final ekspedishun so insted i will present a new skolarly treetis

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