Oon Francisco

Java Bean: “Where are we? I can’t see anything because of this marine layer!”
Oona: “The destination is near. Oona and Charlee will get out and scout while the car is stuck in traffic.”
Charlee: “Pfft. I’m not getting out of the car.”
Oona: “Fine. Then Oona will scale the heights without you. HIGHEST CAT WINS!”

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The Bluebird of Something Somethingness

Charlee: “Lulu, ask it what it’s still doing here.”
Lulu: “You’re still here? We thought you went with Spicoli to make deliveries.”
Blue: “No, I just helped push his van to the top of the hill then came back down, since you have a pretty cushy setup here. Plus I heard that those cats like birds.”

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Trixie Tuesday: Say Hello To My Little Furs

Well, hello, Trixie. Are you guarding the yard from squirrels?

“No. I’m taking a little break in the shade.”

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