That’s Quite A Rash You’ve Got There

Ron Burgundy: “… And in local news, officials have been investigating a rash of disappearing Christmas ornaments.”
Chaplin: “Ooh, a rash. Sounds itchy.”

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In The News

Veronica Corningstone: “… In other news, local cyber authorities are still investigating the source of a mysterious computer worm that recently spread throughout the region’s systems.”
Charlee: “Hey, Mouse, check it out, they’re talking about you on the news.”
Mouse: “It’s not necessarily my worm they’re talking about. There have been lots of high-profile security breaches lately.”

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slakker sunday!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay my slakker dada sez to tel yoo he is sorry he did not git a chanse to finnish up my adventchers with the eksploding krayt and sutch this week on akkownt of havving a bizzy week with me and the kittens!!! i hav not ben feeling wel this week and had to go in to the vetnameez speshalist on toozday for majikal sownd inspekshuns wot fownd sum suspishus thikkening in my innards so then i had to bak in for a skoping yesterday chek it owt!!!

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Medical Monday: The Beautiful Foot Warmer

hello gentle readers. this is the beautiful trixie, or as saya sometimes calls me, the beautiful foot warmer.

foot warmer foot warmer warm up my feet

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hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may remember last week i fownd owt that we mite hav a selebritty heer at the howse grooming tucker however i hav ben unaybel to determin for shoor if this is troo or not so now i am thinking i mite hav been pre … preematch … well ennyway it mite hav ben too soon for me to call tmz and tel them abowt it but thats ok i am shoor they woodnt hav tayken me seeryusly i meen reely hoo wud beleev sumthing wot came in at randum frum the internets frum a vizsla waring growtcho glasses and calling himself dog throat????  ha ha oh hmmm trixe is barking at sumthing owtside pleez ekskyooz me wile i go see wot it is ok bye

Moments Later …

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