What’s In A (Nick) Name Now?

So since Lulu has been with us for nearly a year and has acquired a number of nicknames, it seems like a good time for a new entry in my series of nickname posts (see previous editions here and here).

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What Else Is In A (Nick) Name?

Years ago, after confusing our vet by referring to Trouble the Kitty as “Trudy”, I did a post listing all the various nicknames for all our various animals. Dennis was a relatively new addition at the time, and didn’t have very many nicknames; now he has more, although many are just variations of the same one. (Of course, it’s likely that no one will ever have as many nicknames as Tucker did.) And the Hipster Kitties have already acquired a few themselves. So for everyone’s edification, here’s the current set of nicknames to which the animals may or may not answer.

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The Bow Wow Wow Wow Song

Most songs are three to four minutes long, and of course I’m not going to stand around singing to the dogs for that long. (I do have important things to do, after all, like, um … well, okay, I don’t really have anything important to do.) Usually when I treat one of the animals to a serenade, I just take the catchiest part of the song, or the part that’s easiest to rework into something pet-appropriate. Here’s a little ditty that can be used with any of the beasts with minor modifications, because all their names happen to be two syllables long. (When used with Trouble the cat, “bow wow wow wow” would become “meow meow meow”, of course.)

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What’s In A (Nick) Name?

So the other day while I was talking with the vet about Trouble, I referred to her (the cat, not the vet) as “Trudy”. Momentarily confused, the vet said, “Oh … I thought her name was Trouble?” I told the vet that “Trudy” was one of Trouble’s nicknames, and we went on with our conversation. That got me thinking, though, about just how many nicknames our animals have, and whether or not other people’s pets have nicknames too.

Anyway, just to prevent any future confusion, here are all of the various names by which we might refer to our various pets, along with etymology (if both non-obvious and available) and use-case scenarios.

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