The Adventure of the Ham Plate

Hello, good readers. This is Tucker the Much Better Vizsla than Dennis. Lately there have been a number of scurrilous rumors floated that I am old and feeble or that I need to be administered fluids. But could these stories possibly be true? Let’s investigate and find out. Come, Trixie, the game’s afoot!


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a skolarly treetis on why dogs doo not belong in the air!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel wot with tuckers paw ishyoos theez days a lot of times he gits pikd up and kerreed arownd by mama and dada and evry time they pik him up i start barking at them to put him down and they just laff and say that i am saying dog in the air!!! dog in the air!!! but dogs do not belong in the air and this is why!!!

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