The Name’s Bond. Dennis Bond.

Diane: “Oh, Sam, this may be a silly question. But you don’t have a velvet smoking jacket, do you?”
Sam: “Hey, come on. I’m smoking in any jacket.”

So Dennis has been taking agility classes on Wednesday evenings. The classes are at 8pm and it gets chilly in the evening out there in the wilds of California, so my wife decided Dennis needed a coat. (Quote: “He does need a coat. Even his instructor said so!”) But not just any coat would do, not for a sophisticated boy like Dennis. After scouring the Internet, she decided on a Polartec jacket manufactured by Obtrack, and sold in the U.S. by a company called Clean Run. After a few shipping incidents (California is not in Virginia … who knew?), the jacket finally arrived, and it fits Dennis like a glove. It should–the coat comes in 27 sizes and you have to measure your dog in various ways to determine the correct size. Now Dennis is stylin’ in his new threads.

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