The Dogshank Redemption

Mouse: “According to these documents on the North Pole computer network, Lulu and Bean and somebody named ‘Art Deco’ are being held in Santa’s high-security prison, the Santopticon.”
Chaplin: “That’s a shame. I guess we won’t be seeing any of them again.”
Charlee: “Mama won’t mind if I store my fish heads in her slippers …”

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Say (Almost) Anything

Lulu: “Look, all I know is there’s a weird monster stuffie running around and it seems like something that would have come out of the secret lab.”
Charlee: “Secret lab? What secret lab?”
Vermin: “HISSS! That’s right, we cats know nothing of any secret lab!”
Chaplin: “You’re still not a cat, Vermin.”

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Under The Table And Scheming

Frankenstein’s Monster: (Roaring)
Chaplin: “So, got any more bright ideas for dealing with undead stuffies?”
Vermin: “HISSS! Shhh! It’ll hear you!”
Charlee: “If you’re worried about being overheard, maybe you shouldn’t hiss so loudly before every sentence.”
Vermin: “HISSS! I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

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1.21 Gigawatts?!

Charlee: “So what are you going to do with the stuffie corpses, exactly?”
Vermin: “HISSS! I am going to run 1.21 gigawatts of electricity through them. That’ll fry them to a crisp!”
Doc Brown: “1.21 gigawatts?! Great Scott!”

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Playing Possum

Mouse: “You cats are just being silly. You’ve watched too many Halloween movies. Take these scraps back to the dogs or throw them in the trash while I go get some supplies to clean up all this grime you brought in.”

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Would I Lie To You?

Mouse: “Look, I guarantee you, all that’s happening here is that the dogs are somehow finding old shredded stuffie parts in the yard and are bringing them inside.”
Charlee: “But Lulu said she and Bean didn’t do it.”
Mouse: “Are you sure she isn’t fibbing?”
Chaplin: “Why would Lulu fib to us?”
Mouse: “Possibly because you annoyed her in some fashion?”

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Present Arms

Charlee: “We didn’t murder Santa. We think Dennis did. And now Santa’s arm is back for revenge.”
Mouse: “That seems unlikely.”
Chaplin: “That Dennis would murder a santa stuffie?”
Mouse: “No that part is 100% plausible. I mean the part where the arm is crawling around looking for revenge.”

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Armed & Dangerous

Charlee: “So what do you think?”
Chaplin: “Well, I mean, it’s definitely Santa’s arm and his mitten.”
Charlee: “And we know Dennis and Santa had a long-running feud.”
Chaplin: “Yes, yes we do know that.”

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Extraordinary Claims …

Mouse: “All right, so, you claim that you three versions of Lulu, Chaplin, and Bean are from an alternate dimension?”
Lulu: “That’s correct.”

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