the impending flyball turnamint post!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel the holidaze ar over eksept for noo yeerz witch as far as i no is a mayk beleev holiday ennyhow and that meenz it is time to git bak to flyball their is a turnamint nekst munth in the mithical sitty of irvine so i thawt i wood show evrywun sum old pikchers and viddyos of owr flyball trayning seshuns just in kayse yoo hav forgottin wot it luks like chek it owt!!!

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hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may remember last week i fownd owt that we mite hav a selebritty heer at the howse grooming tucker however i hav ben unaybel to determin for shoor if this is troo or not so now i am thinking i mite hav been pre … preematch … well ennyway it mite hav ben too soon for me to call tmz and tel them abowt it but thats ok i am shoor they woodnt hav tayken me seeryusly i meen reely hoo wud beleev sumthing wot came in at randum frum the internets frum a vizsla waring growtcho glasses and calling himself dog throat????  ha ha oh hmmm trixe is barking at sumthing owtside pleez ekskyooz me wile i go see wot it is ok bye

Moments Later …

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i went to ramona for flyball and all i got wuz staydj frite oh and also a toy

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yesterday i went to ramona for another flyball turnamint and this time i got to run in the teem relay rayse!!!  and by “got to run” wot i meen is “wuz suppozd to run” becuz i kind of got a little bit dis … discombob … wel ennyway i had sum anksietty and fayld to perform as ekspekted wot i hav herd is a common problem at leest akkording to sum ads wot i hav seen on televizhun

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a day in the kountry

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog this weekend i had kwite an advenchoor visiting dadas cuzzins in the mithical sitty of moreno valley this is not far from the mithical sitty of norco ware tucker goes to get poked with needels so as yoo can imajin it wuz verry hot and sunny

dadas cuzzins hav lots of reely big funny luking dogs they are verry tall and they hav long fayses and hoofs and long furry tales i dont no wot kind of dog they are but evrywun kept calling them horses so i gess they must be horse dogs

wile i was their i think i saw them filming wun of thoze myoozic videos on tv ware they hav singers getting sprayd with water wile they are performing tayk a luk this is cleerly futage of wun of those peepel from amerrican idle:

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Get Out Of My Face

Since we’ve been giving Trouble clavamox for her tooth extractions, she’s taken to sleeping in her box instead of her cat cup, perhaps thinking that we (a) won’t be able to find her or (b) won’t be able to give her the antibiotics when she’s in there. It doesn’t work, of course; nothing deters my wife from torturing my kitty — umm, I mean, administering medication as directed!*

“Can’t a girl hide in her box without having someone lift the door and shove an eyedropper down her throat?”

*Always, always, always finish your course of antibiotics!

Look, Geppetto, I’m A Real Live Vizsla

A couple of comments have asked about Dennis’s mange, and so I wanted to get a picture to show how nicely his fur is growing in. Unfortunately Dennis has decided he’s afraid of cameras. If he’s doing something cute and you even start to think about getting the camera, he detects this and flees like a drunken starlet in her Mercedes SUV on the run from the paparazzi.

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