Charlee: “So you didn’t steal any of my food? Because the last few days there hasn’t been as much of it as usual.”
Chaplin: “Not only did I not steal your food, my food has also been a little light lately.”

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The Tour, Day 4: The Patio & Beyond

Lulu: “Now this is the patio, which is the gateway to the backyard, where … Hmm, I don’t remember that rustic bean bag chair being here before.”
Java Bean: “Oh I brought those with me from Mexico.”

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(Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday: Kitten Under Glass


Dada’s Note: Chaplin seems to be doing a bit better after his ordeal. Although we still aren’t sure what it was on the original X-Ray that prompted his vet to send us to the specialist—the ultrasound that was done about 6-8 hours later didn’t show the foreign “mineral/non-food” material in his stomach and colon that the X-Ray did—he has definitely been off for a while. But he is beginning to get back to his old self, demanding treats and asking to play with his toys and annoying his sister. Based on his bloodwork, at the moment, we suspect that whatever he ate irritated his digestive system and maybe caused a mild case of pancreatitis from which he has started to recover. Short-term feeding changes (many small meals of easily digestible food) appear to be helping him get over this little episode, plus we have anti-nausea medication and a prescription for a special GI diet, which we may not end up using, but they’re there if we need them.

In the meantime, Charlee, who had been helping herself to Chaplin’s uneaten portions for an indeterminate period of time before we caught on, has become a little butterball who reports that it’s a nice break for her when her brother is feeling under the weather.

no groom trixie!!! only groom dennis!!! and by groom i meen pet and kiss!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel it wuz not all fun and games over the thanksgiving holiday their wuz also sum seeryus bizness wot got dun for instanse trixie got a grooming followd by anuther bath!!! the horror!!! now of korse first i had to chek it owt to mayk shoor their wuz no funny bizness going on like sumbuddy handing owt treets withowt letting me no abowt it:

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