its the sunday awards and meem show wun shot edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am reely sorry i hav not ben arownd this yeer dada is stil wurking on his silly fantasee buk wot is like too hunnerd thowsand wurds long i hav no ideea how he can even come up with that menny wurds let alone rite them all down!!! but ennyway yesterday wen he wuz riting i kept kliming in his lap and stikking my nose in his fayse and eventchooally he got the messadj that i needed to say hi to all my frends and wot better way to do that then with a sunday awards and meem show??? plus i told him i wood let him put up a sine on the set its all abowt produkt playsment yoo no!!! ha ha ok lets git started!!!

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