hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may hav herd we had a littel erthkwayk neerby up in the mithical land of lost andjelus it wuz a 4.7 on the andy richter skayl wot is a skayl that mezhures how suksesful an erthkwayk is the skale rayndjes frum the low end of andy barker pi to the hi end of andy richter controls the yooniverse i am not shoor ware 4.7 falls on that skayl probly in the middel i wood gess ennyway mama felt the erthkwayk but dada did not but this may be becuz dada was distrakted by pie mmmmmmm pie

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i chose not to predikt it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel yoo may hav herd that we just had a larj erthkwayk in the neerby mithical sitty of los angeles we ar all fine down heer in sandy eggo altho we did get shakn arownd for a fyoo sekunds

as yoo may remembr i hav the power to predikt erthkwayks howevr i chose not to predikt this wun becuz i dont want mama and dada to become complaysent or send me off for sientific eksperiments or try to awkshun off my majical abiliteez i may chooz to predikt the nekst wun or i may chooz not to we will see ha ha ok bye