Space Cowdogs

Having turned the tables on bounty-hunting Pug Masterson, my friend the Man With No Name is once again in control of his own destiny, as am I. Much as I would love to stay and further study the history and aftermath of the Rice Wars, I have unfinished business in space. To my surprise, the Man With No Name offers his assistance in getting me back there; it turns out he has been secretly building a launching pad, with the intent to leave this world behind and find another one, a world where you can have rice or orzo or both and no one thinks anything of it. The name of this Utopian planet? Earth.

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Having been taken prisoner by a bounty-hunting pug, my new friend Orzo Wales and I have found ourselves on a long ride back to face the authorities from which we both, apparently, have escaped. I know why they want me; but what has Orzo Wales done to earn the ire of the Orzo Outlaws? Why are they so interested in a taciturn, desert-dwelling Man With No Name? Perhaps, on the journey through the wasteland, I will find out, and finally satisfy my anthropological curiosity. What happened here? And why, when whatever occurred obviously happened years or decades in the past, does the Man With No Name remain unforgiven?

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The Good The Bad And The Pugly

Having narrowly escaped from the stronghold of the Orzo Outlaws, I found myself wandering in a desert wasteland. No food, no water, no comfy bed — it is much too much like the canyon from which I was rescued several years ago. Fortunately, I was rescued once again, by a laconic Man With No Name; but to what purpose? What does he want with me? And what is this civil war he keeps mumbling about? My anthropological interest has been piqued; I must retrieve the truth!

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its the boston terrier flyball demo thing part doo!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i promissd it now heer it is its the boston terrier flyball demo thing part doo!!! in witch boston terriers try there paw at flyball chek it owt!!!

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woofstock twenny ten part doo

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as promissd heer ar sum more pikchers frum woofstock twenny ten in the mithical sitty of sandy eggo!!! in theez pikchers yoo wil see sum of the dogs wot came to see the flyball demo or the frisbee demo or just to shop becuz as yoo no dogs luv to shop!!! and by shop i meen snif things ha ha ok on to the pikchers!!!

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hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weekend me and my flyball teem partispayted in woofstock in balboa park!!! now woofstock of korse is naymd after the faymus littel bird frum the comic dokyoomentary peenuts in wich the littel bird invited a bunch of his frends over to lissen to myoozik and git muddy and brayd eetch others hare and drink lots of coffee ennyway i dont no why the littel bird wuz naymd woofstock but their yoo go

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