Classic Dennis: The Battle of Thanksgiving

This week, we present a repeat showing of a classic adventure starring Dennis, Tucker, Trixie, and Trouble. This series originally appeared back in 2009. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Repeat Sunday: The Battle of Thanksgiving

Charlee: “We have company this week so we thought we would dust off Dennis’s classic Thanksgiving adventure.”
Chaplin: “This was way before our time so we’re not in it.”
Charlee: “No, we’re not, but still, it’s sort of a Thanksgiving tradition now that it gets posted any year. Just like Dennis’s classic battle of the North Pole around Christmas.”
Chaplin: “Have you noticed that holidays with Dennis were never really like holidays with other dogs?”
Charlee: “Yes, yes I have.”

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Throwback (Thanksgiving) Thursday

Dada’s note: Many years ago, Trouble, Tucker, Trixie, and Dennis engaged in an extended battle with a turkey vulture who decided Trouble was a rabbit and wanted her for Thanksgiving dinner.  But of course, the whole situation was triggered by Tucker’s stomach.  Since then, the final episode of the battle has appeared once or twice as a Thanksgiving throwback, but here―for the first time ever!―is the entire saga, recapped in a single Throwback Thursday post.

I apologize in advance for the load times.

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Overheard Around The House

dennis_dnc_1Spicoli: “Dude, what have you been watching?”
Dennis: “Some miniseries. It’s been disappointing. I thought it would have more dogs.”

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The Winds of Rodents


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reerun sunday a skolarly treetis on how bunneez mite be eeting yore froot treez

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy eester evrybuddy!!! dadas mama and dada and auntie ar heer visitting so i wil not be arownd mutch for a fyoo weeks on akkownt of i hav to follow them arownd and mayk shoor tucker duznt trip them and steel there fud however sinse tooday is bunnee day i thawt it mite be fun to reepost my old skolarly treetis on how bunneez attak froot treez chek it owt!!!

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Trial of the Planet of the Stuffies

Still stranded on the bizarre planet of the stuffies, the rabbit and I now find ourselves being frog-marched from our dismal dungeon cell up to the stuffie courtroom, where a show trial awaits us.  But already I have begun making plans to escape …

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