Charlee: “Well this trip was a big fat waste of time. Thanks for nothing, Producer Smurf.”
Producer Smurf: “Hey, it’s not my fault! Nobody smurfed me in the loop on these developments!”
Realtor Smurf: “Maybe if you smurfed in our Smurfbook group, you would have seen us talking about it there.”

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Playing Favorites

Charlee: “So, what are the Smurfhamas and how do we get there?”
Realtor Smurf: “The Smurfhamas are resort islands in the Caribbean. I don’t know how you would smurf there, but Papa Smurf smurfed a charter plane to smurf himself and Smurfette and a few other favorites there.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Did you hear that? Papa Smurf has favorites! And I’m not looking at two of them! Ha ha ha ha!”

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Let Me Check Some Comps For You

Producer Smurf: “Brainy Smurf! What’s smurfing on here? The village is being smurfed into a development?!”
Realtor Smurf: “I’m. not Brainy Smurf anymore! I got licensed! Now I’m Realtor Smurf! Did you want so smurf a house in The Villages at Smurftown? Here, let me smurf you some comps …”

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