ennybody owt there?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i hope this message gets thru from the gofer tunnels hunter thinks he has the radio wurking so i am transmitting this in hopes sumwun can heer it i am heer on the gofer broke with the rest of the kroo sumware undergrownd trouble the kitty sabotaged our compyooters so we ar not shoor ware we ar buster the sientific vizsla is wurking on fixing up the enjins so they get us to the mithical sitty of stokholm ware he hopes to get sumthing calld a noble prize if he gets us their he shoor deservs wun meenwile tuffy the enjineer has rooted owt all the viruses in the compyooter sistem and jonesy, tinky, and sissie have the drone owt looking for sines of gofer aktivity in the visinity nuthing yet tho just sum old nibbled weeds but ennyway thats not wot reely worriez me see the problem is we dont have enny extra yooniforms so the only wun for me to ware is a red wun and we all no wot happens to kroo members hoo ware red yooniforms

oh be kwiet yoo silly protocol dog

hay did ennybuddy happen to bring sum fabric dye along on this trip?