Greetings, quivering civilians!  We still have visitors, and certain subterranean rodents seem to think that I, Saya the Mighty, may be distracted during this period, thus allowing their sappers and tunneling saboteurs free reign in my yard.  How wrong are they?  Very.  THERE IS NO BURROW THAT SAYA THE MIGHTY CANNOT FURROW!

Saya the Mighty out!

The Winds of Rodents


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dizneeland ekspozd!!! aka the most crowdedest playse on erth!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i am afrayd yoo may hav ben misled by toozdays post wot sed i wuz going to dizneeland becuz as it terns owt mama and dada and there mama and dada and auntie and frends went to dizneeland and left me home alone!!! it terns owt dizneeland duznt allow dogs other then pluto and goofy and posibly peg leg peet i am not shoor wot he is and meenwile dizneeland is overrun with rodents sutch owtrayjus diskriminayshun!!! why i wood kleen that playse rite up!!! and i wil bet that is why i am not allowd to go their becuz i hav rayded dadas kamra and diskuverd verry disterbing informayshun abowt the so calld happiest or shud i say most crowdedest playse on erth!!!

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inkontrovertabul pruf!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so wile dada wuz owt galivanting arownd sandy eggo with his hyooman frends frum the mithical land of noo york yorez trooly dennis the vizsla dog wuz hard at wurk gathering evidense in the bak yard to proov that despite wot sum hav sed and despite my own coersd confeshuns it wuz in fakt the gofer wot destroyd the furnitcher in the howse and not me and now i hav pruf!!!! check it owt:

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the vast rodent konspeerasy

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog so is it just a koinsidins that the verry next day after i reveel my noo business plan my yard is invayded by a rodent spy i think not

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intervyoo with the gofer part wun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well as i menshund erlier tuffy sissy and jonesy cawt a gofer before we had to abandon the gofer broke undergrownd we are now reddy to begin the int … interr … begin asking this gofer sum kweschuns to find owt what he and his littel frends ar up i will ask the kweschuns and tucker the protocol dog will translate and trixie will stand by luking intimidayting ok heer goze

Dennis: okay gofer what were yoo doing in those tunnels
Gopher: kØaàT´@¬µŠ<?4AwÝ7Gpu
Tucker: “Before we start, I think you should give the protocol dog a pig ear or possibly a ham sandwich.”
Trixie: tucker, is that really what he said?
Tucker: Yes, of course.
Trixie: because i’m not sure i believe the gopher cares whether or not you get a ham sandwich.
Tucker: Excuse me, I’m a professional protocol dog. I’ve been wearing this C3PO outfit for a week.
Gopher: Nñ¡f[pšZ—·‰œWꁅ/ÊI1Ûp]õ›ò
Tucker: He says he won’t talk until I … that is, the protocol dog gets a sandwich.
Dennis: ok fine sumbuddy get tucker a ham sandwich and well start ovur aftur he eets jeeperz gofer yoo ar a tuff negoshiator
Trixie: (shakes head in disbelief) why do i even bother?