I Say We Take Off And Nuke The Site From Orbit


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Follow Your Nose

So yesterday, I went to the park with my wife and Tucker to help with Tucker’s scenting; and by “help” I mean I sat and held Tucker’s lead while my wife went around laying a trail of mozzarella bits and hiding a sock full of string cheese, which is the “jackpot” at the end of the trail.  (Also, I “helped” by discouraging her from marking the trail with flour, on the theory that after we left, somebody would come along, see the flour, think it was anthrax or ricin or something, and call in a HazMat team.  I think I annoyed her a little, but at least she isn’t going to get carted off to jail.)

Anyway, my job was pretty easy.  Sit.  Stay.  Good boy.  Tucker’s job was a little harder.

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