The Ninja Afterbath

Lulu: “… And then the red panda escaped while the ninja was tossing her cookies!”
Chaplin: “A ninja who tosses cookies? What flavor were they?”
Lulu: “Umm, vomit flavor I guess? I was a little busy rolling around.”

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Bad Tradecraft

Lulu: “I think Mama might have a bamboo plant on the bathroom. Are you a bamboo aficionado?”
Red Panda: “Yes, very much so.”
Agent Frenchie: “That was quick thinking covering up the papers with your own body, Agent Blaze.”
Agent Blaze: “Paint me like one of your French bulldogs, Jack.”
Agent Frenchie: “Stop saying that. It’s disturbing.”
Charlee: “You do realize none of that paperwork is anything secret, right?”
Agent McFold: “What?! You read it?”
Charlee: “No, I just know all the important papers are in the safe in the office.”
Agent McFold: “A safe, you say … ?”

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dragin problims

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i menshund erlier abowt owr problim with the dragin in the water heeter wel sum peepul came and tuk the old water heeter away it wuz ten yeerz old and ful of sludj and they put in a new littel boks type water heeter wot luks like this:

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