skunkalishus three

*koff* hello nice reederz its *koff* dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot *koff* i finaly got to meet the *koff* skunk owt in the bakyard tonite i ran owt and *koff* there it wuz and it lifted up its tale and *koff* sprayd me rite smak in the face i cudnt even open my *koff* eye for a wile it was so stinky i hav to say its *koff* not at all wot tucker and trixie led me to *koff* ekspekt to be onnest i didnt like it much at all

my sister trixie wuz *koff* owtside too but she didnt even try to go get the *koff* skunk and i sware she wuz laffing at me wile mama cleand me up *koff* im starting to think maybe she wuz conning me the hole time she wuz *koff* telling me that chaysing skunks wuz fun yes ive definitly lernd my lessun wen it comes to skunks *koff* yoo shood always aproach them from the front i will *koff* try that nekst time and i think it will wurk better ok bye