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Deus Ex Cattina

Gollum: “Well now that we has collected our new Ray-Bans from the tricksy stoner dog, we thinks it’s time to has our snacky-snack mousie. Gollum!” Dennis: “How many pairs of sunglasses do you carry around with you, Spicoli?” Spicoli: “Oh, a dozen or so.”… Continue Reading “Deus Ex Cattina”

Beware of Unnecessary Surgery

THE FOLLOWING IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Hello stuffie friends, this is Cowboy Hedgehog, and I am here with an important public service announcement about unnecessary surgery and a dangerous syndrome called Munchhounden by Proxy.

a skolarly treetis on skwirrel arsonists

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wood like to thank evrywun hoo wuz consernd abowt me and the doghowse of justss dooring the fire last week the fire is now fully contaynd so i think we hav nuthing to wurry… Continue Reading “a skolarly treetis on skwirrel arsonists”

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